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We aim to improve the lives of patients with rare cancers

About Hillstream BioPharma

Hillstream BioPharma is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics targeting an emerging fundamental anti-cancer mechanism involving iron-mediated cell death. By leveraging its Trident Artificial Intelligence platform and its Quatramer tumor targeting technology to help identify and develop novel therapeutics, Hillstream is building a pipeline of therapeutics for rare cancers.

Hillstream is advancing lead candidates, including novel small molecules and proprietary DNA expression vectors encoding inflammatory cytokines, directly into the tumor microenvironment. We will work to improve the lives of patients as we rapidly move into the clinic to treat sarcomas, small cell lung cancer and other high unmet need rare cancers.

Our Pipeline

HSB-1216: novel inducer of iron-mediated cell death for solid tumors

HSB-888: novel inducer of iron-mediated cell death + ultra low-dose anthracycline for solid tumors

HSB-510: novel bi-functional inhibitor for solid tumors & leukemias

HSB-114: tumor-targeted TNF-alpha cDNA (non-viral) for sarcomas