About Hillstream BioPharma

Hillstream Biopharma is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutic candidates targeting ferroptosis, an emerging new anti-cancer mechanism resulting in iron mediated cell death (IMCD) for drug resistant and devastating cancers. Hillstream’s most advanced candidate is HSB-1216, an IMCD modulator, targeting a variety of solid tumors. Hillstream uses Quatramer™, our proprietary tumor targeting platform, to enhance the uptake of HSB-1216 in the tumor microenvironment with an extended duration of action and minimal off-target toxicity. In addition, Trident Artificial Intelligence (TAI), Hillstream’s artificial intelligence precision medicine platform, is used to identify biomarkers in our clinical programs to target a specific patient segment most likely to benefit.

Our Pipeline

HSB-1216: novel inducer of iron-mediated cell death for solid tumors

HSB-888: novel inducer of iron-mediated cell death + ultra low-dose anthracycline for solid tumors

HSB-510: novel bi-functional inhibitor for solid tumors & leukemias

HSB-114: tumor-targeted TNF-alpha cDNA (non-viral) for sarcomas